Hatching Eggs For Sale

Hatching Egg Terms of Use

We guarantee that the same fresh eggs that go into our own incubators will go into yours. We ship our eggs through the USPS via Priority Mail. You will always get a tracking number attached to your order.

Shipping eggs is a very difficult thing to do, and as such, we cannot control the handling, temperature or duration of the trip once they leave our farm. Some eggs will not recover from shipping even if they arrive intact and it can and will effect the fertility rate / hatchability of the eggs. The weather is especially hard on the eggs as they can get too hot or too cold in transit. Please keep in mind the limitations of the eggs as well as their handlers when you consider buying shipped eggs.

The USPS will allow you pick up in office but only if you leave your phone number with your order By adding your phone number, you authorize us to advise your local agent to call you when the eggs arrive as the last few miles of their trip are often the most rough. This is up to your local Post Office to enforce, we have no control over their willingness to hold the package.

We try to include extras in every box - provided there is room to add them – to account for breakage during shipping.

We cannot guarantee hatch rates!! There are many factors that affect the viability of hatching eggs, and since we do not have control of the USPS handling of the package, or your own incubating practices we cannot guarantee hatch rates.

We do guarantee that you will receive the eggs you ordered intact. If the eggs arrive damaged we will do a ONE time replacement or refund and we will not refund or replace after the ONE time refund. Photos will be required of the box, inside and out, and of the broken eggs in and out of the packaging material.

If you have any questions, contact us at oldreddingfarm@gmail.com.