Frizzled Hatching Eggs are NOW AVAILABLE!

Ever dreamed of having a flock of beautiful frizzled chickens? Here’s your chance! Old Redding Farm is now offering hatching eggs from our rooster Norman and his flock of lovely ladies.

We adopted Norman in 2019. He was part of a flock that had 5 roosters and he was low man on the totem pole. Now he is living high on the hog! He is very gentle and takes great care of his ladies. He is a frizzle, so there is about a 50% chance the chicks will be frizzles as well. We have a great variety of hen breeds with him, including Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Egyptian Fayoumi, Barred Rock, Lavendar Orpington, White Leghorns and more. The chicks we hatch are absolutely adorable!

There’s approximately a 50% chance that the chicks will end up having the frizzled feathers, and they are super fun. The frizzle gene has been known about for over 400 years. Oddly enough, you only need one parent to be a frizzle in order to have frizzled offspring. So if you’re looking to breed your own flock of frizzles, you just need to start with one! If you breed two frizzles together, you can get what’s called a “frazzle.” Frazzles have much more brittle feathers and are a bit more unstable.

Check ’em out!