Introducing Old Redding Farm!

John and Catherine are a husband and wife team from Redding, Connecticut. We grow food and flowers on just under 2 acres of property.

We have been building our small farm from the ground up using reclaimed materials whenever possible. Our biggest reclaimed project to date is building a 12ft square greenhouse using recycled windows. That project took about 3 months to build over the winter of 2019 – 2020, and has served us well!

We have chickens which we raise to have a colorful egg basket and are in the process of setting up a breeding program. We just hatched several Ayam Cemani chickens and have some silked olive eggers and some silkies coming in the Spring of 2021.

We also have a small herd of alpacas that brings us great joy. We have 3 Suris (the long-hair variety of alpaca), named Pumpkin, Mocha, Marshmellow, and 4 Huacayas (the fluffy q-tip kind), named Maycee, Linda, Sophie, and Connie.

We also have 3 dopey Great Danes that keep us extremely busy (and are SUPER helpful), named Pepper, Peanut, and Pebbles.

Thank you for checking us out, you can follow our wacky adventures here, on Instagram @oldreddingfarm and on YouTube at